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Signs You’re Overdue A Ride

BEING single in the era of Covid isn’t exactly a pool party at the Playboy mansion, is it? Many people are long overdue the ride, and it’s important to monitor when you approach peak ‘I’d ride anything with a pulse’ status as the nation slowly but surely gets back to socialising. Beware of the telltale… Read more »

Local Couple Look Like They Could Be Related

THE LONGER friends, coworkers and acquaintances of local couple Cian Horan and Emily Foran are exposed to the regular deluge of photos uploaded by the couple on social media, the more the pair seem to eerily resemble one another. The unsettling and disturbing realisation came about owing to the couple’s similar complexions, hair and eye… Read more »

No, Martin! Now’s Not The Time To Be Texting Your Ex-Fucking-Girlfriend!

THE suffocating blanket of dread placed over just about everyone during this Covid-19 pandemic has lead many people to reassess their careers, lives, how they treat loved ones and material things they laughably once considered important. However, Martin, it’s now not the time, actually it’s just about the most selfish and self-serving time to use… Read more »

Local Mother Preferred Your Last Boyfriend

NOT MEANING to stir the pot or stick her oar in where it’s not wanted, one Waterford mother has remarked under her breath that, if you want her opinion she can never understand why you let a nice decent fella like Mark slip through your fingers. WWN has learned that these comments, judged to be… Read more »