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People From ‘Distracted Boyfriend Meme’ Now In Polyamorous Truple

THE WORLD knows them as the stock models who gained internet fame through the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme, but Carla Torres, Brian Delgado and Ffion Grainger know one another as an irreplaceable third of beautiful and rewarding polyamorous love story. How did ‘distracted boyfriend’ become real life polyamorous truple? “It’s funny, a lot of the online… Read more »

It Wasn’t An Engagement Ring, But Check Out The Cool New Headphones Sheila Got From Her Boyfriend

FRIENDS, co-workers and relatives of Waterford woman Sheila Connaughton have all made sure to complement her on the absolutely sick new noise-cancelling headphones she got for Christmas from her long-term boyfriend, before quickly changing the subject and moving on. “Wow, they must be so handy for when you’re on the bus and you just want… Read more »

Signs You’re Overdue A Ride

BEING single in the era of Covid isn’t exactly a pool party at the Playboy mansion, is it? Many people are long overdue the ride, and it’s important to monitor when you approach peak ‘I’d ride anything with a pulse’ status as the nation slowly but surely gets back to socialising. Beware of the telltale… Read more »