It Wasn’t An Engagement Ring, But Check Out The Cool New Headphones Sheila Got From Her Boyfriend


FRIENDS, co-workers and relatives of Waterford woman Sheila Connaughton have all made sure to complement her on the absolutely sick new noise-cancelling headphones she got for Christmas from her long-term boyfriend, before quickly changing the subject and moving on.

“Wow, they must be so handy for when you’re on the bus and you just want to listen to a podcast or something,” stated one of Connaughton’s co-workers after the 32-year-old returned to the office without the engagement ring she was sure she would receive this year.

“In the gym, on a walk, at home… it really was a great gift. I only wish my husband, sorry, would have bought me something like that,” offered a friend, who has become skilled in avoiding awkwardness over Connaughton’s 9-year relationship with her man.

“It was really thoughtful of him to know that the headphones he bought you last year were perfect, except they didn’t have this new advanced bass-enhanced performance mode for optimum audio quality, so he went ahead and got you the latest model 12 months later,” said Sheila’s mum, who secretly doesn’t like her daughter’s boyfriend and will be crushed when the day comes that he gives her an engagement ring instead of a top-of-the-line piece of consumer electronics.

Meanwhile, Connaughton’s boyfriend, 36-year old Martin Whyte, is said to be delighted with the Xbox he received this year, and is looking forward to many long years of blissful online gaming with the occasional cup of tea brought to him.