Maxwell Spends Yard Time Yelling “I’m Not Suicidal” Over Prison Wall


NEWLY-incarcerated sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is said to be adapting well to prison life, and is spending her time informing anyone who will listen to her that she has no intention of taking her own life at any stage, ever.

Maxwell, who is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of child sex trafficking with and for the notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein among others, has taken up embroidery and was spotted wearing a snazzy ‘I’m not going to hang myself’ t-shirt while in the cafeteria.

The 60-year old sex criminal was also seen making the most of the prison gym, where she works exclusively on a range of neck exercises that aims to build up the exact muscles that would prevent someone succumbing to death by strangulation or hanging, while singing a self-penned song titled ‘Ghislaine Wanna Live’ to passers-by.

“Every night you can hear her rattling her coffee cup against the bars chanting ‘no suicidal woman in this cell’,” a fellow inmate confided to WWN.

“I guess she just wants the world to know that unlike her former partner Jeffrey, she has no intention of taking her own life. Although, mind you, I’m not sure he did either, but in the end he doesn’t seem to have had much say in the matter”.

Maxwell has reportedly also received dozens of delicious-looking cakes and treats from former associates, including members of the Royal Family to ‘keep her spirits up’, which she has thrown directly in the bin as she doesn’t want anything in them to ruin her figure, or turn it into a skeleton.