Tinder Introduces New ‘Will You Shift My Mate?’ Feature


DATING app Tinder has introduced a raft of new features aimed specifically at the rural Irish market, in a bid to attract new customers who feel that internet dating is something that only works for ‘them up in Dublin’, WWN can report.

The new measures include:

– A ‘shift my mate’ option where you can hand over your love life to a friend and let them do all the pre-dating for you. This feature will bring internet dating back to the non-alco disco days, where your trusted companion will approach potential suitors and talk you up before bringing you together. After that it’s up to you!

– Rural profiles will be able to include what levels of ‘road frontage’ they either possess or are likely to inherit on their bios, in a bid to attract more interaction with potential partners. “What kind of site you might one day build a house on means as much to a culchie as what height they are or how much they like going for long walks,” explained a spokesperson for Tinder’s rural division.

– Advanced genealogy recognition software will help cut down on the amount of inter-familial culchie relationships by warning matched couple ahead of time that they’re actually 5th cousins, saving on embarrassment when some elderly relative points it out at a family gathering.

– Similarly, Tinder are offering a premium service to rural men which will allow them to check if their new squeeze has any brothers or cousins that he may have been in a row with at school or outside a nightclub or on the football pitch or wherever.

– Signing up to Tinder now comes with a voucher for a can of Lynx Africa. So join today!