How RIP.IE Revolutionised Death In Ireland


A LOT has changed in the 17 years since the launch of obituary website RIP dot ie, including the entire death culture of the nation as condolences shifted from the funeral to the forum.

Here’s just a few ways in which the website changed the fabric of dying in Ireland forever:

Computer literacy

Without, an entire generation of older people would have shown no interest whatsoever in learning how to use computers or the internet. A staggering 98% of people polled discussed having to show their elderly parents how to use a computer to keep up with deaths across the country, with only 2% admitting that their grandad had come out and admitted he wanted to use it for porn.

The decline of local radio

With so many old people now getting their death info from the internet, interest in local radio stations has plummeted in recent years. The majority of radio listeners now tune in for news, bingo competitions and angry anti-trans discussions, with very few citing ‘the wireless’ as their primary source of funeral arrangements.

The death of the wake

Even if you hated someone, you were duty-bound to take time out of your life to attend their wake and pass on your regards. Until, that is, which allowed you to post a message of condolence in ALL CAPS to let the family know you were thinking of them. As such, wake attendance was in free-fall even before the pandemic, and experts doubt it will ever reach its heights ever again. The effect this has had on the tea and sandwich industry has been catastrophic, resulting in thousands of job losses in the ham industry.

Obituary yourself

Worried that your barely-literate kids are going to make a hames of your send-off? With, you can get ahead of the farewells and write your own obituary months or years before you kick it. List out the people you want named, without the risk that whoever takes to the pulpit might suggest you loved that brother of yours that you haven’t spoken to in years. Let everyone know how great you were, in your own words. With, the possibilities and endless!