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REVEALED: Squid Game Season 2 Plot Leaked

FILE IT under ‘entirely predictable news’ as Squid Game, the international streaming smash hit for Netflix, is getting a second season. The show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed the news, delighting legions of fans around the world. Aside from the 2,000 new jobs the second series will create in the growing ‘Squid Game pop culture opinion… Read more »

Coping With Sexy Thatcher: A Guide

SEXUAL feelings unstirred since the heyday of The X-Files have come roaring to the fore for thousands of men and women following the release of season 4 of The Crown, which includes everybody’s redhead crush of the mid-90s Gillian Anderson in the pivotal role of hated British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Although the casting and… Read more »

We Review Netflix’s Controversial ‘Cuties’

CONGRATULATIONS pervert, you just got yourself added to an FBI watch list! In a world in desperate need of honest, level-headed debate on issues of great importance, be they cultural, political or sciencical, we at WWN are proud to provide our readers with a review of Netflix’s controversial movie ‘Cuties’, which we haven’t watched: What… Read more »