Everything We Know About Bridgerton Season 2


HITTING THE streaming platform today, Netflix’s smash hit Bridgerton is back for season 2 and WWN Pop Culture has all the details you need to know.

While hearthrob Regé-Jean Page is absent from this season, there is nothing stopping you from Googling shirtless pictures of him and staring at that for 8 hours instead. Honestly, who’s going to stop you? Pull the curtains over, light a candle and relax.

Keen eyed fans will recognise Anthony’s horse in this season from her role in season two of Euphoria as Rue’s ketamine dealer.

In a sharp turn of focus season two forgoes all romantic storylines and zeroes in on the battle to modernise Regency-era sewage systems.

Not to be confused with Bradley Walsh hosted gameshow ‘Bridge Or Ton?’ where contestants guess what’s hidden behind a curtain; a bridge or £100 with the winners going home with a bridge of their choice.

Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Basset is in enough scenes of season two for you to trot out your ‘that’s Sally off Coronation Street’s daughter’ fact at least a dozen times.

Penelope Featherington’s mischeavious gossip alter-ego Lady Whistledown gains a rival as a mysterious Dame Foghornup begins spreading rumours on her MySpace blog.

Not particularly beholden to historical accuracy, Bridgerton season 2 sees all horse drawn carriages replaced by driverless Teslas.

The number of wistful looks of longing and lust are up 24% from season 1.

The International Boyfriends Union of Television Watching have confirmed that if they have to watch Bridgerton then that means you’ll agree to watching Peacemaker in return.

In a great and shocking Netflix series tie-in twist several key characters are killed by the Squid Game robot girl during a game of croquet.

Netflix has helpfully included random subtitles alerting viewers to upcoming scenes of unbearable sexual tension, giving you enough time to loosen your corset and fetch your Victorian fan to help you cool down and prevent fainting.

Those of a perverted nature probably already know Pornhub have a number of Bridgerton themed offerings.