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“These Are The Worst Set Of Oscars Nominations Since Rochus Gliese Was Nominated For ‘Sunrise’ In 1929”

WWN’s preeminent armchair film critic Trevor Nolan rages at what must be the most disappointing, crowd-pleasing, box-ticking set of Oscar nomination since the Rochus Gliese controversy of 1929. “This day will live in infamy as the day the Academy finally outdid itself and topped the farce that was the 1929 awards. Nominees from movies I’ve… Read more »

Macauley Culkin Signs On For ‘Home Alone 6’

The sequel to the popular series has a working title of ‘Kevin’s Intervention’ and will see former child star Macauley Culkin return to acting after several years away from the profession. The wildly popular 90s franchise will see a shift in tone but will stay true to the original premise of the hero, Kevin McCallister,… Read more »