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Donáil O’Truimpaigh Wants To Add You As A Friend

THOUSANDS of Republicans in America have received a strange friend request on Facebook from someone called Donáil O’Truimpaigh, mere hours after the social media platform blocked the similarly-sounding Donald Trump for a violation of their rules. O’Truimpaigh, who claims to be interested in fair politics, Fox News, golf and KFC, also has his address listed… Read more »

Solidarity! Leading Brands Conclude They Can Make More Money Pretending To Care About Racism

DESPITE major brands pulling all advertising spend three months ago from every social media platform, radio, tv station and  billboard across the world over the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of companies have come together in financial solidarity this week to ‘boycott Facebook’ in a bid to ‘stop hate for profit’, proving once and for all that… Read more »

Delayed Launch Of Facebook ‘Dating’ Feature Blamed On Amount Of Ugly Single People

THE OVERABUNDANCE of ugly single people has been given as the reason for Facebook’s delayed launch of the ‘Facebook Dating’ feature across Ireland and Europe. Scheduled to launch the day before Valentine’s Day this year, the dating feature was the tech giant’s answer to popular apps like Grindr and Tinder, however, Facebook confirmed the postponement… Read more »

Zuckerberg To Spend Nice Relaxing Evening Listening In To Everyone’s Calls

AFTER yet another busy and stressful day at Facebook HQ, American technology entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his $4 Walmart trainers into the area under the stairs and threw himself onto the couch for a nice relaxing evening of listening to private phone calls. Swapping from Whatsapp to Facebook messenger’s realtime calls, the young billionaire randomly highlighted a two-way video call to… Read more »

Local Facebook Community Group Full Of Fucking Whingers

A REPORT into local Facebook community pages and groups has found that the vast majority of members are complete fucking whingers that seem to have nothing better to do than ‘nitpick at every available moment of their sad and miserable lives’. Studying over 10,000 individual community groups across the country, the Facebook in-house report found that the… Read more »

New Facebook Dating Service Just Facebook

ALTHOUGH leaked details regarding Facebook’s new dating profile srvice have shown that the service is just basically Facebook, that hasn’t stopped shares in other dating apps such as Tinder, Match.com and Fingr from tumbling to record lows. The existing dating sites took a hit on the stock exchange as Facebook rebounded from months of negative PR… Read more »