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“Here’s Some Settings, Now Fuck Off”

FACEBOOK CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the data breach controversy involving Cambridge Analytica yesterday by introducing some new settings, before telling users to cop on to themselves. “What the actual fuck do you think we were doing with all that information?” Zuckerberg began in his latest status update, “did adverts about items you were… Read more »

Facebook Set To Clampdown On Fake Drama Posts

A NEW Facebook algorithm will be rolled out shortly, aimed at keeping news feeds clear of manufactured drama, fake stories about what your kids said, and clearly fake racially-charged diatribes from weird members of your family. Mark Zuckerberg took to Twitter earlier today to state that he felt his social media network had ‘lost it’s… Read more »

“I ‘Unplugged’ From Social Media & So Should You” Confirms Annoying Friend

A LOCAL man from the Waterford area of Ireland, identified by his friends as ‘extremely annoying’ has been hailing the benefits of ‘unplugging’ from social media, WWN has learned. ‘Unplugging’ from social media is whereby an individual quits social media websites and apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter before never shutting up about… Read more »

Facebook To Launch ‘Hide X-Factor Posts’ Setting

FACEBOOK will unveil a brand new setting which will allow users to automatically hide friends X-Factor comments and posts, turning the social network into a more desirable destination on the web. Founder Mark Zuckerberg will launch the setting as part of a new approach in ‘stamping out stupidity’ at a brief conference on the 21st… Read more »