Woman On Facetime To Friend Spends Entire Call Looking At Herself


DESPITE her image being smaller and inset in the bottom corner of her phone’s screen, Dublin woman Tina Crotty spent the entire 43 minutes of her Facetime call to friend Gina Roche, just staring at herself.

Only briefly looking up to remind herself who it was she was talking to again, the daughter-of-two began wondering if her friend noticed she’s not actually looking at her.

“I know the whole point of video calls are to see and engage with the other person on the end of the line,” Tina explained to herself, “but jesus, I look damn good in this light, especially when I tilt my head a little to the side like this, and pout my lips ever so slightly.

“I’m giving back some incredible facial reactions here… Gina’s probably wondering if I got work done or something – I look fucking hot!” she added, “I wonder if she can see that my eyes are not locked on to her screen”.

Now looking up at her friend, and then back down to her own selfie screen, the 27-year-old realised there may also be a slight eye contact issue on her friends side too.

“Gina! Are you even looking at me?” Crotty now barked, realising her friend may also be two-timing her face with her own.

“Sorry, Tina, I was just checking my hair cause I got to go to work in an hour,” she replied.

“Sure, I might as well be talking to the wall!” Ms. Crotty griped, before hanging up the phone in disgust and sending a nasty text message about how no one listens to her anymore.