6 Things You Should Expect To See In 2018


IT’S TIME to bring 2017 to a close and look forward, optimistically, to 2018, a year we all hope can bring forth the very best in humanity and give us all reason to be cheerful.

WWN has closely studied the fields of technology and science, as well as astutely observing the international political landscape to bring you just 6 things we can all but guarantee will happen in the year 2018.

Flying cars and hoverboards

Seriously. We know we’ve been promised them every year since about the 1950s, but we can feel it in our bones this time. It’ll be wall-to-wall Back to the Future in 2018.

The invention of an alarm clock you don’t just immediately hit snooze on

Leading tech firms have been working on this invention together for at least a decade, but it looks like they’ve finally cracked it. Here’s to 2018, the year of unparalleled technological advances.

No tales of men in power abusing their positions, thank God 2017 sorted all that out

That’s right, those in a position of power have decided to take a whole year off of being reprehensible scumbags. 2018, here we come.

A year of sporting sport ball stuff

It looks like 2018 is going to be filled with men and women kicking or throwing a ball, and oh, how people will either love or hate it. We personally can’t wait for our favourite team and/or individual to triumph in their respective sport while crushing that team and/or individual we also hate just as much as you do. Go on sports!

Less homelessness

While the Taoiseach’s dedicated Department of Communications hasn’t quite hit on a way to make you care less about the plight of your fellow human beings, some buzz words floated about that could do the job are rumoured to be Lesshomeslessness, hopeful hopefuls, Sans House, open air enthusiasts, open air dwellers, subhuman and non voters. If these carefully crafted and handsomely invoiced phrases convince you homelessness isn’t something to care about, well then, you can be free to ignore the increase in numbers finding themselves on the streets.

The complete combustion of civil society as we descend into World War III

Sorry, we sort of buried the bad news here at the end. Oh well.