Facebook Announce Intention To Evade Tax Some Other Way


WITH Facebook’s decision to no longer use Ireland as its revenue and tax hub, the tech giant is believed to now be actively searching for an alternative way to evade tax.

Despite the Irish government’s best efforts to create new tax loopholes, Facebook confirmed they would route sales of ads through their countries of origin.

Behind the scenes, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar tried, repeatedly, to add Mark Zuckerberg as a friend on Facebook, but his attempts proved futile and it seems the social network will press on with plans to pay as little tax as possible some other way.

In a clear homage to his favourite movie Love Actually, Varadkar then descended on Facebook’s offices armed with white placards with a series of handwritten messages on them.

“You’re a beautifully efficient tax evasion machine to me. What about paying your Irish based services a ‘franchise fee’? That’s a great way to avoid, ahem, ‘pay’ tax,” the placards read.

Despite the move resulting in no job losses in Ireland, the government are said to devastated by the decision.

“It’s a disappointing day for us, not least because we’ve kept our tax system full of ways to exploit it,” Minister for Finance Pascal Donohoe said earlier today, “it’s like they’re saying we haven’t tried hard enough to help multi-nationals pay no tax. Above all else, they’ve hurt our feelings”.