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Fianna Fáil To Formally Adopt 12-Year-Old USC Charge

FOLLOWING twelve years of fostering the USC charge after his party predecessors went into labour with it in 2010, leader of the Fianna Fáil party and proxy Taoiseach Michael Martin has confirmed the government will be formally adopting the Universal Social Charge going forward, WWN reports. “My, they grow up so fast,” Martin told the… Read more »

BREAKING: God Arrested For Tax Evasion

THE International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-INTERPOL) has today confirmed the early morning arrest of one, God Almighty, following the longest running tax evasion cases in human history. Over 8,000 police officers from 114 countries worked tirelessly for the past 70 years building a case against the so-called creator of the universe, who is estimated to owe a sum of 400… Read more »