So Brave! This Billionaire Might Be About To Pay Tax


IT’S a novel idea, and who knows if it will ever take off, but billionaire tech bro Elon Musk is going for it anyway; he’s about to pay tax.

Known as something of a trailblazer, Musk will make the unprecedented step of actually paying tax he owes on his vast wealth after he set up a Twitter poll asking if he should sell off some of his Tesla stock to pay tax on earnings made as far back as 2012, prompting a passionate response from his followers.

“Elon don’t do it, think of your status as one of the richest people in the world!” begged one Musk fan, who was for some reason aghast at the idea that his chosen favourite billionaire would lose some of his capital.

Meanwhile other billionaires have begun to wonder if they should begin to pay a bit of tax here and there, eager to not look like the only members of the super-rich elite who aren’t as cool as Musk is.

“If Elon sells off his stock to pay his tax obligations, then it’s kind of a bad look for us if we don’t” said Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in dismay as Musk continued to be richer and more popular than they are.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything else stupid, like start paying his workers a living wage, or shift his production lines to parts of the world where they won’t cause resource shortages and untold future harm. Then we’re screwed”.

Meanwhile, Muskites have set up a GoFundMe to help Elon through this difficult time, as attaching one’s self worth to that of a billionaire seems to be a big thing for people these days.