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Other Experiences That Would Be Improved By Having To Buy Tickets In Advance

WHILE some are apoplectic over the fact the government still has no legally binding regulations in place for the reopening of the entertainment and hospitality sectors they claim they were preparing for in advance, others think this constantly-evolving ‘tickets for nightclubs’ idea has some legs and could be applied to other areas of Irish life… Read more »

Ticketing System Introduced For Nightclubs To Be Extended To Baggot Street Basement Orgies

WHILE ADMITTING it appears from the outside to be a complete shambles of a system that will have no material effect on Covid prevention, the government confirmed its ticketing system for nightclubs will be extended to Baggot Street basement orgies. “Remember that story? Gas wasn’t it. People emerging from a basement on Baggot Street in… Read more »

Government Under Delusion Pubs Will Police Vaccine Certs

THE IRISH Government is expected to sign off plans which could see indoor hospitality reopened to fully vaccinated people as part of the delusionary belief that pubs and restaurants will enforce the use of the EU Digital Green Certificate, WWN has learned. Unaware of its own ridiculousness, the government will seek to pass the legislation… Read more »

Nation Books Week After September 21st Off

NEWS described by many as the perfect opportunity for Ireland to prove it is no longer a nation of pissheads, employers up and down the country are now reporting being inundated with mass requests for holidays following the 21st of September; the date the government now say ‘wet’ pubs will reopen on. The welcome reopening… Read more »