Work Night Drinking: Pros & Cons


EVERYBODY loves the weekend, but waiting for Friday night for a few pints can be an arduous task! Luckily, pubs are open every night of the week, so all you have to do is make the decision to head for a few pints on a work night and away you go! There are, of course, arguments for and against work night pints:


If you work Mon-Fri like most people, that only leaves you with two ‘non-work nights’, and therefore only two nights when you can go drinking. This is unacceptable, and we’re pretty sure unconstitutional as well.

You’re a young, healthy person who doesn’t feel the effects of a hangover all that much, so a bit of a late night and a few pints isn’t going to effect your work capacity the next day [Note: Please disregard this if you are 35 or older].

If you’ve been struggling at work, a few pints might clear your head and make you more productive. They couldn’t add to your stress, surely!

There might be a match on the telly.

You might get really drunk and see someone attacked in town that kinda looks like a co-worker you hate, which might make you feel better. Not them, of course, but this list is about you.


You might see a co-worker out on the lash too, and they might shop you in at work. Mind you, they’re on the drink too so disregard this one.

That’s about it really. In fact, forget about reasons not to drink on a work night, we’re struggling to find an argument against drinking during a working day.