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Friend Issues Terrifying Offer Of Night Out

THINK you have problems? Count yourself lucky that you aren’t 43-year-old Waterford man Phil MacLoone, who earlier today received a chilling text from one of his pals hinting at a possible piss-up in the pair’s near future. “Once you pass 40, you’d rather get a letter from Revenue saying there’s some irregularities with your accounts… Read more »

Your Paddy’s Day Survival Guide

IT’S BEEN a while and even the most hardened veteran of Paddy’s Days past is entitled to a bout of humility and admit they need a refresher course in how to survive the carnage. Here’s a reminder of all the handy tips you’ll need to help you survive the festivities: Remember to eat 5 portions… Read more »

Local Man Can’t Be In Same Room As Tequila Since 2004 Incident

TEQUILAPHOBIA continues to be a issue that affects one in four Irish people according to recent studies, with sufferers such as Waterford’s Eamon Killeen reporting that even the slightest sniff of the Mexican spirit causes incredibly violent reactions. In most cases, including Killeen’s, their aversion to the spirit stems from a bout of over-consumption which… Read more »

“Sure Stay Out” States Legend Of A Wife

A LUCKY Waterford man currently in town for ‘a quiet few pints’ with the lads has received a text message from his wife with those three little words that every man in a pub wants to here; ‘sure stay out’. “Are you sure?” slurred Francis McWard, ringing his wife to clarify while ordering his fourth… Read more »