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Revealed: How Misneach Got The Gig

ALTHOUGH not much is known about Misneach, the latest Bernese Mountain Dog assigned to the role of Madra Na Uachtaráin, WWN can outline the rigorous process that the 5-month-old pup had to go through in order to claim the coveted role of Michael D. Higgins’ new companion following the passing of grizzled veteran Síoda. Strength… Read more »

2020 Gone Too Fucking Far This Time

WEARING an intense scowl across its brow, knife between its teeth and vowing revenge, Ireland has told the year 2020 it has ‘gone too fucking far this time’ and has ‘picked the wrong fucking country to mess with at the wrong time’ after news of Michael D Higgins’ dog Síoda passing away. “Prepare to feel… Read more »

Local Dog Would Love To Be Stolen

A COUNTY Waterford dog has called on dognappers to spin around the Dungarvan area this week as it has had enough of its owners blatant mistreatment of him, stating life couldn’t be much worse with its new captors than it already is. Shep, a sheep dog cross, urged thieves to search backyards for chained up… Read more »