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BREAKING: Woman On Footpath Walking Dog On Road

MOTORISTS travelling around the Tramore area have been asked to be on high alert this afternoon after a middle-aged woman has been spotted walking her dog on the road, while she calmly walks on the footpath, WWN can confirm. Local gardaí are asking the general public to contact them immediately if they see the woman,… Read more »

Jack Russells Discontinued After 225 Years

THE popular terrier breed known as the ‘Jack Russell’ is to be phased out at the start of 2020 bringing to an end almost 225 years of ankle-height canine companionship, WWN can report. Once hugely popular throughout almost every household in Ireland and beyond, the bite-happy pooch was a staple of every walk in the countryside,… Read more »

Local Man Just Doesn’t Like Dogs, Sorry

DESPITE extreme pressure from dog lovers in his circle of friends to admit that he at least like pugs, sure what could be wrong with pugs, local man Eric Smyth is sticking to his guns; he just does not like dogs. “But look at this video on Twitter of a dog who can’t quite catch a… Read more »

Quiz: Are You A Dog Or A Cat Person?

SOME people adore dogs, some adore cats but no one adores both – it’s impossible and that’s just basic science. Answer these simple questions and grant yourself the serene pleasure of scientifically complex scientific proof you are either a dog or a cat person. Q: Do you like to play fetch? A: Yes. B: No…. Read more »

Dog Can’t Believe How Much Of A Loser Owner Is

BURYING in his head in his paws for what must be the 1000th time this year alone, a Waterford based dog has found that when it comes to the demeanour and behaviour of his owner, Michael Dreary, expectations can never be lowered enough. Casper, a 4-year-old mongrel, is struggling to live with the day-in, day-out… Read more »

Couple Purchase Dog As Dry Run For Parenthood

A LOCAL WATERFORD couple have taken the mature step of placing a 6-week-old French Bulldog in their care in a bid to gauge if they will be one day able to look after a human child, WWN can reveal. Although Richie Plunkett and Orna O’Brien have not expressed the importance the new puppy Baxter will… Read more »