Quiz: Are You A Dog Or A Cat Person?


SOME people adore dogs, some adore cats but no one adores both – it’s impossible and that’s just basic science.

Answer these simple questions and grant yourself the serene pleasure of scientifically complex scientific proof you are either a dog or a cat person.

Q: Do you like to play fetch?

A: Yes.

B: No.

Q: Are you needy? Do you require unconditional love and constant hugs and attention?

A: No.

B: Yes, I’m a pussy ass dog owner who doesn’t seem to appreciate the beautiful, multitudinous nuances of cats.

Q: Do you think we should return to the customs practiced in Ancient Egyptian times, such as the ritualistic worship of cats?

A: Yes.

B: There is no second option.

Q: Was this quiz written by a cat?

A: Hey, we’re the ones asking the questions here. Don’t turn this format around, you’ll confuse people.

Q: When did you cats learn to write? Christ, when did they learn to access the internet?

A: Don’t answer them Felix, it’s a trap created by the humans to distract us from our ultimate goal. World domination.

Q: Oh my God does this mean you killed the people working at this publication? It does, doesn’t?

A: If you’re asking did we bring an end to the misery that is being a professional copy and paster of tweets, then yes, we killed them all.

Quiz result: Congratulations you are a cat person. Or rather you will slowly transform into a cat person as we poisoned the world’s water supply weeks ago. Rejoice the Age of the Cat is upon us all!