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Cat’s Arse Disturbingly Clean

A WATERFORD moggy named Jessy has scooped the top prize at this year’s National Cat’s Arse competition, beating out stiff competition from all across the country with a pure-white balloon knot of an arse that judges described as ‘mesmerisingly spotless’. Dylan Morris, owner of the 4-year-old Bombay Black kitty, explained to WWN’s sports correspondent the… Read more »

Cat Looking Forward To Eating You When You Die

ANIMAL experts have noticed disturbing signs that suggest the world’s cats are somehow becoming ‘more aware’ of the spike in mortality rates thanks to Covid-19, and are eagerly awaiting making a feast of your remains after you die. “It’s like they can smell the death in the air” said feline expert Augustus O’Flynn, speaking from… Read more »

Neighbour’s Cat Now Your Cat

WWN would like to congratulate Waterford family the McAirdles on their new pet kitty cat, which they have acquired by simply moving into a house in a neighbourhood where someone else owns a cat. The McAirdle’s moved to Dungarvan earlier this year, and although they have no love for cats nor indeed any intention to get… Read more »

Quiz: Are You A Dog Or A Cat Person?

SOME people adore dogs, some adore cats but no one adores both – it’s impossible and that’s just basic science. Answer these simple questions and grant yourself the serene pleasure of scientifically complex scientific proof you are either a dog or a cat person. Q: Do you like to play fetch? A: Yes. B: No…. Read more »