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Wildlife Experts Fear Shitehawks On Verge Of Extinction

THERE is substantial concern among Ireland’s wildlife and falconry experts as the once constant presence of shitehawks in Irish skies, fields and streets has dwindled almost to the point of extinction. Originally misidentified as a large predatory scavenger bird, the shitehawk was reclassified as a bird you’d cross the road to avoid even if there… Read more »

Becoming A Jockey ‘Never Occurred’ To Tiny Little Man

AS the Cheltenham Festival rolls around for another year, diminutive local man Eric Waverly is bracing himself for a slew of ‘would you not have given that a go?’ questions from friends and family, despite having never shown any interest in becoming a jockey whatsoever. “People think just because I’m under 5 foot tall, I’d… Read more »