Donegal Lad Thanks Government For 20% Off Cost Of Public Transport


LETTERKENNY local Brian McCallum has issued a heartfelt thanks to the government for their generous, life-changing gift of a 20% reduction in public transport fees, adding that his only concern right now is that he doesn’t know what to use it on first.

“Will I avail of 20% off the cost of the trains that we don’t have, or 20% off the cost of the bus that comes once a week?” mused McCallum, who like the rest of the nation eagerly awaited last week’s announcement of measures to help with the increased cost of living.

“It’s just what I love about this government, they don’t just look after the high-density voter centres like the cities, they go out of their way to look after everyone in rural Ireland, even people that might sometimes feel like they’ve been forgotten, like me up here in Donegal”.

Discounted public transport was just one measure announced by the government last week, along with a universal 200 euro fuel allowance which was welcomed by families that badly needed it as well as families that didn’t.

However it’s the public transport bonus that McCallum states will ‘pretty much hand the next election to Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael’ in his native Donegal.

“Now, they’ll be laying a few train lines sometime soon so we can get the use out of it, right?” enquired the 36-year-old, before going on to wonder if the government were going to do anything about his crumbling mica-riddled home while they were in the humour to help people.