Brands Enter Awkward ‘Take Down Pride Flags’ Phase Of Year


AS June rolls into July, Pride month draws to a close and brings with it an opportunity for brands and businesses to continue their support for the LGBTQ+ community, and show a year-round commitment to gay rights and equality.

“Oh, dammit, would you look at that, we’ve already taken down our flags” sighed the boss of one media corporation, while swiftly removing all traces of rainbows from their branding.

“We didn’t know we could leave it up all year round, well that’s a shame. Maybe next year we’ll leave them up for a bit longer, but for now we’ll just go ahead and leave all those flags and things up in the attic, shall we? After all, you all know we’re good with the gays. We had flags up for a month, so the next time any of you gay people are looking for a broadband provider, keep us in mind, ok?”.

Elsewhere, brands expressed a delight that Pride has expanded from a weekend to an entire month, not just because it shows a leap forward in same-sex acceptance and rights, but because it’s just so much easier to book media slots in 4-week units.

“It’s really not worth our while developing comms for a weekend, we really appreciate the gay community acknowledging this and expanding their event to help us out” smiled one PR company chief, who has Pride to thank for hitting his Q2 targets this year.

“Although maybe next year, perhaps would they consider moving it to a more open slot in the marketing calendar? That post-summer, pre-October dead spot is just crying out for an event like Pride to boost figures. Pride in September; let’s make it happen. Come on, we fly your fucking flags, don’t we?”.