Man Faces Impossible Choice Between Protecting Himself From Covid & Looking Like Hardy Bastard


LOCAL tough chaw Eamon Farrell is weighing up the cost of his health and wellbeing versus his status as a man who takes no shit, as he decides whether or not to abide by best-practices for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Although 27-year-old Farrell is aware of the threat facing himself, his family and his community if cases of
Coronavirus were to spike up again, he has a reputation to keep as a man; leading to much soul-searching when it comes to mask-wearing, hand-washing and general social distancing when out and about.

“Imagine I was out wearing a face-mask and one of the lads seen me. How would I ever slag them off for wearing a pink shirt ever again?” mused Farrell, standing way too close to the next person in the queue in case someone spotted him being too careful.

“I’m not stupid though; my Mam is old as fuck and I don’t want to bring anything nasty into the house. But then again, Mams die; having a nickname like ‘Face-Mask Eamon’ is something you would have to live with forever”.

Farrell’s concerns about choosing between being the hardy hoor/concerned hoor are echoed across the country as many young men head back to GAA training, with some displaying an unwillingness to ‘fucking get stuck in’ on the pitch.

To date, there have been no reports of young ladies displaying any such hesitance to protect themselves from Coronavirus over fears of their peers thinking them to be weak or frightened, although a lot of them are just not bothering their holes to wear masks anyway.