Builder Makes Start On Third Breakfast Of Day


WATERFORD building contractor Mark Tallon and his four-man crew are getting ready to crack into their first job of the day, right after a quick nip to Spar for a few breakfast rolls to back up the jambons and sausage pastries they got at 9 o’clock, following their cereal and toast before they left home this morning.

As Tallon worked through the ‘3rd Brekkie’ list of rolls and sandwiches which he had scrawled on a bit of plaster slab with a very short pencil, he took time out of his hectic breakfast-eating schedule to give us a few words on just how vital it is to eat the most important meal of the day three times.

“There’s breakfast, as in, the meal we eat before we leave our homes. Then when we get to wherever the job is, we’ll usually have a break to fuel up because we’ve had a long journey up the dual carriageway, sure you know yourself” said Tallon, not mentioning which dual carriageway or where it might lead to.

“But that’ll only keep you going until ten, by which time we’ll not have started any work because we’re all waiting on the half ten break and the rolls and The Star and a flask of tea. So that’s what I’m sorting out now, and I can’t be talking to you much longer because there’s boys there waiting for me, famished with the hunger so they are”.

Tallon hurried away with his armpits stuffed full of breakfast rolls, eager to keep his crew happy until they break for the dinner in 45 minutes.