Putin Wondering If Electing Comedian In Ukraine Is Too Obvious


AIDES close to Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin have confirmed the leader is currently pacing his office, second guessing himself, as news of a comedian being the frontrunner in the Ukranian presidential elections drew international attention.

With the first round of elections, placing Volodymyr Zelenskiy as the favourite with 30% of the first round votes, Putin questioned whether he was being too obvious or, too ‘on the nose’ with his latest political ploy.

“Strangling the Ukraine’s economy by cutting off their ability to export via the Kerch Strait was going so well, and no one cared, but crap, orchestrating the election of a comedian, is it too obvious? Are you losing your touch Vlad?” Putin questioned himself aloud as he paced the floor.

Fearful aides reassured him if anything he wasn’t going far enough and that masterminding the election of a bear, a plastic bin, a bomb, anything, could also work in his favour.

“Stop it Vlad, it worked in the US, and he was a mentally deficient clown, this should be a walk in Gorky Park by comparison,” Putin continued, regaining his confidence.

Zelenskiy (41) seemingly has the backing of anti-Russian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky who is currently in exile as his business dealings are under investigation in Ukraine.

“Ha, ‘backed’ by an anti-Russia millionaire. No, you’re right Vlad. The meddling may be laughably obvious, but that’s why it might just work. You’ve done it again,” Putin said, while high-fiving his reflection in a mirror, shattering it upon impact.