Spurs To Review Policy Of Smothering Lloris’s Gloves With Butter


SPURS manager Mauricio Pochettino has admitted Liverpool’s last gasp winner against his team has led to a root and branch review of goalkeeping preparations and rituals, WWN Sport can reveal.

“Does Hugo spread too little or too much butter on his gloves before games? Perhaps,” Pochettino shared in his post match press conference, leading many to believe Hugo Lloris may completely abandon his longstanding practice of keeping a 5 kilo tub of butter in his goal which he uses in the lead up to potentially pivotal moments in a game.

“Hugo also dips his gloves in tubs of grease and KY jelly. It could be too much,” Pochettino added, as a replay of Lloris doing his best impression of an oil covered seal trying to grasp a fish played on a screen.

The game’s dramatic late winner saw Lloris fail to grasp a timid Mo Salah header and puts Liverpool ahead of Man City, however, Pep Guardiola’s side have a game firmly in hand.

Debate between aging football pundits over whether Lloris is a ‘top, top, top keeper’ or merely a ‘top keeper but not a top top keeper’ rages on.

Elsewhere in sport, Waterford confirmed that the Hurling League is a ‘mickey mouse’ competition, which in hindsight is so insignificant it would have been embarrassing to win against Limerick.