Double Decker Luas Gets Go Ahead


IN RESPONSE to the continued overcrowding on Luas trams during rush hour, Transport for Ireland has given the green light to a new double decker sized tram, WWN can reveal.

Stressed out commuters have routinely complained about being packed into trams like a tin of sardines with worse smelling people and despite the introduction of longer Luas trams, there is no alternative but to build up and add a second floor to the transport system.

“Commuters constantly found trams to be jam-packed upon arriving at their stops, and as a result there was no room and it would result in them being late for work,” confirmed Minister for Transport and Getting Sportspeoples’ Names Wrong Shane Ross.

In recent months the situation had threatened to reach boiling point as commuters glued themselves to the outside of trams and in some instances commuters voluntarily removed several ribs from their rib cages, making it easier for them to contort themselves into the handful of small gaps left on trams at peak times.

“This additional floor on top of the Luas couldn’t have come at a better time, given the time of year we’re at now. Commuters will be delighted,” added Ross, who noted that will double the capacity, the new trams would also have double the amount of anti-social behaviour.

However, the 80 new trams which cost €400 million in total will not contain anywhere for Luas drivers to have their lunch.

A trial run of all 80 new trams this week has not gone according to plan as commuters pointed out that the makers of the new double decker trams had failed to install stairs up to the second floor.