Model Praised For Baring Wrinkly Fingers After Long Bath


IRISH model and general woman person Glenda O’Connorman Roche has received floods of praise on social media yesterday afternoon for showing off her water wrinkles following a four hour bath.

The 25-year-old Miss Solar System contestant posted several unedited images of her fingertips, which seemed to have shrivelled up due to her blood vessels constricting below the skin on her hands and feet.

Despite initially posting about the wrinkles as if they were an actual problem, O’Connorman Roche went on to insist that they weren’t a problem, but just wanted to post the pictures up anyway in case someone did have a problem with them: “Water wrinkles are 100% natural and nothing to be ashamed of so I’m just making sure everyone knows that fact.

“At the end of the day, I’m just like you ordinary people who get out of the bath with water wrinkles and takes pictures of them so I can highlight them as a natural attribute of the female human body and nothing to frown upon even though they look kind of weird, but yeah, I’m sure they’ll dry out and be gone in no time”.

It didn’t take long for fans to praise the daughter of two for her inspirational bravery.

“I’m so influenced by this I just had a bath,” one happy fan commented. “I wish these water wrinkles would just stay forever – I love them now!”

Since her post, the model has now released a water wrinkle appreciation gel which will keep the blood vessels constricted for up to five hours at a time.

“Such was the praise for them, I decided to release a cream that lets you prolong your water wrinkles. This cream will allow you to flaunt your water wrinkles on a night out and will help shoot down any water wrinkle shamers out there”.

Glenda O’Connorman Roche’S new cream is on sale for €199 in all good cosmetic stores.