New Garda Commissioner Watches ‘Training Day’ As Part Of Induction Training


INCOMING GARDA Commissioner Drew Harris is set to sit himself down in front of the TV to watch the Denzel Washington starring ‘Training Day’ movie about a broken police force riddled with corruption in a bid to prepare for his new role.

The tale of a naive police officer being paired with an officer who at first seems well meaning and a straight arrow could provide Harris with the ideal opportunity to be reminded of the fact several senior gardaí may not react well to being told reform and some more reform of An Garda Síochána needs to be undertaken and from a former RUC man no less.

In the film an officer with the best of intentions is embroiled in a corrupt world of aging officers who refuse to give up the questionable ways they administer law and order, with Washington claiming ‘King Kong ain’t got nothing on me’.

While it is not thought the small minority which make up toxic elements of the police force will make any claims about an oversized Hollywood gorilla, Harris could see some obstinate officers refuse to comply with necessary reforms.

Additionally, instead of a daring shoot out in the name of justice which is seen in the climax of the film, Harris’s attempts to triumph will likely result in officers allowed to see out their remaining years and gain a full pension, no matter the infractions committed.

It is believed the government has promised they will root around under some cushions in Leinster House in a bid to find some spare change to fund the upgrade of essential equipment, training and resources needed to protect the public but have asked Harris to make do in the meantime.