Waterford Woman Successfully Transitions Into Her Mother


IT’S been a long, hard slog for Therese Mahill, but after nearly three decades of living a lie, the Waterford woman has finally completed her transition into becoming her mother, Fidelma.

Although Therese lived the majority of her life as a young, outgoing girl who loved heading out with her friends on the lash, blowing her wages on nice restaurants, clothes, makeup and hair appointments, over the past few years she has slowly been turning into her mother, a 78-year-old Dungarvan native who has never left the townland she was born in.

Although she tried to resist it all she could, the birth of her own two kids were the catalyst for Therese to accept that she had been her mother all along, complete with her opinions on loud music, garish fashions, the state of some of the young ones going out to discos these days, and the price of a fancy haircut when there’s a woman up the road will do you a cut and blowdry for a tenner if you ring ahead.

“This is who I always was, apparently” said Therese, in-between outbursts calling for her two kids to ‘stop being pups’.

“I can’t believe I tried to hide it for so long, clinging on to what I thought was fun. Anytime the girls would ring, I was out on the town living it up. But now, I know that I was only lying to myself about who I was, about who I have grown into; a wonderful woman with two kids, sore feet all the time, and a love for sitting in on a Friday and watching the Late Late. Not even to be sarky about it, really watching it”.

Therese’s husband Darren is said to be coping well with his wife’s transition, stating that he’s happy as long as she is.