Homeless Lad Delighted To Get A Bit Of Sun


THE long-awaited arrival of the Irish summer has been welcomed across the country, not least by the nation’s rough-sleepers who finally have a dry footpath to sleep on after months of heavy rain.

With temperatures set to soar into the high teens for the first time this year, local homeless man Declan told WWN that he was actually looking forward to the next few days of sunshine.

Declan, who probably has a surname, but we couldn’t be arsed to ask, will spend the day soaking up the rays which he hopes will ‘put a bit of colour in his face’ and stop it from looking such a ghastly shade of yellowish-white.

“That was one long Winter,” Declan pointed out, now drying some cardboard in the sun, “this morning was the first morning in ages that I woke up dry. Can you imagine such a thing? I might only use the one sleeping bag tonight. Happy days!”.

Minister for housing Eoghan Murphy has welcomed the current spell, pointing out that homeless people are probably better off out in the nice weather anyway, adding that he cannot wait for his 4 month Summer holidays.