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4 Best Places To Leave A Fifty For The NCT Tester

TAKING your car for an NCT test can be one of the most stressful times in a motorist’s year, with a stunning 80% of people polled admitting that they have no clue where in the vehicle to leave a €50 note for the tester, to guarantee their car passes. Worry no longer, as WWN presents… Read more »

Find Your Irish Name

What’s your Irish name? We’re not talking about your actual name: we’re talking about the name Irish people call you when you’re not around. Simply take the month you were born to find the first half, and add it to the day you were born for the second half, and there you go: that’s the… Read more »

Music Review: Richie Kavanagh’s ‘Are The Bin Men Coming’

PROBABLY one of the most quintessential pieces of music in modern day Irish history, Richie Kavangh’s  ‘Are The Bin Men Coming‘ effortlessly portrays the age old process of waiting for your refuse bin provider to arrive. It is reliably unorthodox, a new sonic adventure for the restless Carlow superstar, but despite his nostalgic rhythms and break neck beats, it… Read more »

WWN Guide To Getting Angry Online

WHILE for some this guide will be utterly useless as many have achieved a Zen-like ability to access their anger while online within seconds, others are not so lucky; read on for all you need to know on riling yourself up just for the craic: Remaining rational is a fool’s errand if you want to… Read more »

3 Rolling Stone Covers That Were Worse Than Kim Kardashian

ROLLING Stone magazine has come under fire recently, following a cover which featured reality TV star Kim Kardashian prompting singer Sinead O’Connor to declare that ‘music is dead’. The Irishwoman went on an expletive-ridden rant about how by featuring Kardashian on the cover, the magazine had lost all credibility. A rash statement, considering some of… Read more »

WWN Motoring: The Correct Horn-Blast For Every Situation

ONE of the most useful tools available to motorists is, and always has been, the car horn. From warning fellow motorists of danger to getting the attention of pedestrians, the car horn is the perfect way for a driver to tell the world ‘hey! I’m here’. However, many motorists can find themselves unsure as to… Read more »

Coconut Water: The Shocking Truth

ALTHOUGH hailed as a miraculous beverage capable of hydrating you faster than a tsunami, Coconut Water, the latest health craze to hit the country, has a dark secret which is only starting to come to light. Praised for being low calorie, fat-free and high in vitamins, there is something about Coconut Water that manufacturers don’t… Read more »

These Memories Of Mosney Will Make Your Day!

ASK any Irish person of a certain age about Mosney, and they’ll straight up lose their minds as memories of summers spent in Ireland’s premier holiday destination come rushing back. With the recent viral success of an old Mosney commercial re-igniting calls for the beloved center to open its gates once more, WWN interviewed some… Read more »