This Insane ‘In The Name Of The Father’ Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind


By now, many of you will have seen the amazing In the Name of the Father fan theory that popped up on Reddit’s movie subreddit /r/movies in January of this year.

We’re a bit late to the game we have to admit, with now defunct The Dissolve as well Collider and all covering it before it was brought to our attention by the lads over at yesterday, but trust us when we say this insane theory is worth the read:

Reddit user PooSplash shared his elaborate theory in a lengthy post citing the uncanny resemblance between the character of Gerry Conlon in In the Name of the Father with that of Bill Cutting in Gangs of New York.

“OK, so it requires you to take a leap of faith but you can’t ignore that the violent villain Bill the Butcher looks EXACTLY like Gerry Conlon, which leads me to believe they are the same person and that Bill is a time traveller,” explained PooSplash. We know. Mind Blown.

bill the butcher

gerry conlon

“So I think it completely changes your view of Gerry, and the moment he walks free from prison, once a triumphant uplifting moment, is now viewed with horror as we realise ‘wait a fucking second, they just let this psycho murderer loose'”, PooSplash added, with many other users voicing their agreement.

Another user pointed curiously to the character Guiseppi Conlon and how he used none of his skills acquired as animal hunter Rolan Tempo in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

“Also, let us not discount the fact that in both movies, Gerry Conlon and Bill the Butcher say ‘ugh I fuckin’ hate Leonardo DiCaprio,” concluded PooSplash.

Film journalists have since explored several other movies which blow open what was perhaps Hollywood’s most elaborate and secretive artistic project.

“Not only do you have great directors like Jim Sheridan and Martin Scorcese partaking in this bizarre artistic creation, but recently Stephen Spielberg included the violent psychopath in his movie about a fictional American president who unrealistically unites political foes together in the name of the common good,” S.E Clarke of the New York times told WWN.

This may go down as the biggest experimental film mind fuck ever carried out in popular cinema, but it changes the audiences’ relationship with so many, seemingly well meaning characters.

Next week: OMG! The Van, The Snapper and The Commitments are like totally set in the same town. Mind blown.