Outcry From Clubbers After Roma’s Put Roses Up To €2.50


A LARGE number of the nightclub-going population have reacted angrily to a hike in the price of single red roses by the Roma community, which saw the flowers rise by 50c to €2.50.

The purchase of a rose outside a nightclub has in recent years been the last chance many singletons had to woo a partner, following the decommissioning of the slow set in the early 2000s.

Leaving a nightclub while chatting to a disinterested young lady, many smooth operators have been able to ingratiate themselves into the good books with the purchase of a rose from one of the hundred or so Roma’s congregated outside.

Claiming a rise in the amount of money they had to pay to the man who trafficked them into Ireland in the first place, these destitute individuals say they had no choice but to increase the selling price of the roses.

The soar in cost comes as a further blow to clubbers, who have seen the price of nightclub entry and alcoholic beverages climb ever higher every year.

“How am I supposed to try and get the ride now?” sobbed one Waterford man upon hearing the news.

“I have no skill at chatting to women, but at least I could spend 2 quid on a rose and try and make some sort of gesture. Now it’s gone up to €2.50, it’s eating into my spice-bag money. Get food, or chase the women? I shouldn’t have to choose!”

Fears now grow that the hike will result in large drop in sales, putting the livelihoods of hundreds of Roma gypsies aged 11-87 in jeopardy.