Caitlyn Jenner Puts Balls Up On eBay


HOPING to raise much needed funds for several worthy LGBT charities across America, Caitlyn Jenner has organised a huge sale of her old sporting equipment on eBay.

The items for sale include several items of clothing worn by Ms. Jenner in 1976, where she won an Olympic gold decathlon medal, some years before her transition.

Also on sale are a range of javelins, discus, and relay batons, although most people are focusing on the sale of Caitlyn’s impressive collection of balls from a wide range of sports.

Footballs, baseballs, basketballs and Netballs collected down through the years will be sold to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to help LGBT people who still struggle through their daily lives.

Following her acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award last night, Ms. Jenner attempted to speak about the people in need of help, but has subsequently been drowned out by endless questions about her set of balls.

“Look, I really don’t want to talk about those things when there’s so many other issues that need addressing in this world,” said Caitlyn, getting visibly upset as eBay bidders inquired as to ‘the state of her balls’ and showed little appetite for contributing to charity.

“You guys have the ability to reach literally every person on the planet, but instead of using that power to help people that need your support, you’re asking me endless questions about a bunch of old balls that I no longer have any use for. Shame on you”.

Despite these pleas, focus remained on the subject of the balls, with E! online maintaining a 24 hour watch on the online auction entitled “Caitlyn’s Balls Marathon”.