WWN Guide To Overreacting When Someone Thinks Ireland Is Part Of The UK


IT is incredibly important to assert our sovereignty out loudly on any given day, but it takes on even greater importance when a knuckle-dragging, empire-loving, royal-doting idiot twat of a person from the BBC makes the mistake of lumping Ireland in with the UK.

Not sure how to overreact to these things? Well, check out our non-essential guide:

Fuck them. The lot of them. Whoever they are. What did they say about Ireland? They mentioned the UK? Hanging is too good for them. How fucking dare they. Just keep typing swear words in the general direction of Britain until you feel better.

There is no better way to show the world that we as a Nation have moved passed the dark passages of our history to emerge as a strong, confident Ireland that is sure of its identity than by threatening to gouge out the eyes of anyone who even thinks we’re part of Britain.

This isn’t what the leaders of 1916, whose names, actions and respective ideologies we’re not all that certain of, died for. So, if someone thinks they can inquire as to whether we’re ‘part of the UK’ or not they’ve got another thing coming.

You need to start a campaign of some sort. Get your elderly and infirm granny on to Twitter and have her swear ‘@BBC’.

Every tweet matters.

If you consider yourself a proud Irish person, you need to drop all the important things you’re doing and abuse whoever it is that nearly helped Britain invades us all over again!

It’s incredibly ignorant of someone to be unsure of the political and cultural realities of Ireland, no matter where they are from. To show how annoyed you are at even the politest of questions regarding Ireland and its relationship to Britain, it is best to make use of easy stereotypes. Did a German ask? Stupid Nazi. Someone from Japanese? Idiot Chinese bastard.

We’re not asking much of the 7 billion people residing on the planet, just a rudimentary knowledge of our entire history. Look, we know exactly what happened to the break up of Yugoslavia, so if anyone from Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Botswana don’t know about our history, I think we’re entitled to our anger. If they don’t know about the Anglo-Bank Treaty of 1921, well it’s insulting isn’t it? Our knowledge of every other Nation’s history at that specific time is flawless.

And if you think overreacting isn’t required, do you honestly think a South American nation like Costa Rica would take being lumped in with America? Well, to be honest, we don’t know, we’ve personally never been arsed to care about how the independence of other nations is erroneously reported. And in fairness who cares, the Central American country of Costa Rica won’t even angrily comment below to point out that we said they were South American.