Waterford Confirm They Didn’t Want To Win Munster Title Anyway


IN a shocking revelation which almost fully ruins any sense of joy Tipperary had in the aftermath of their Munster hurling victory, the entire county of Waterford has admitted it didn’t want to win anyway.

“See, it just doesn’t bother us boi,” Dungarvan man Thomas Hally told WWN, “sure Tipp was celebrating like we actually cared about it or something, sure the back door is more fun, even the wife agrees and she’s from Tipp”.

The fact that Waterford have confirmed that victory in the Munster hurling final was of no consequence to the county has soured Tipperary celebrations as they were under the impression winning was a truly great achievement.

“Ah, stop, come back to us when you beat Kilkenny, sure they’re the only crowd who care about a hurling match,” explained Tramore native Joey Nelligan, wiping away the water which was magically flooding from his eyes.

Earlier this morning a statement, signed by the entire Waterford population stated ‘someone should tell Tipperary, it’s the taking part that counts, it’s only a game so relax it there on the jumping and clapping’.

In other news Waterford businessman Henry O’Regan has announced a special offer on his ‘Waterford: 2015 Munster Champs!’ T-shirts, now priced at 50 cents each. There are only 10,000 left though, so act quick if you want to snap one of them up.