Alarming Rise In Number Of Irish People Calling Their Mothers ‘Mom’


THERE have been fresh calls from Irish people for the eradication of using the word ‘Mom’ when referring to the woman who gave birth to you, following a damning report that suggests the practice is rife throughout the land.

Figures show that there has been a 25% increase in the number of people using the term since this time last year, including several people who have only started doing it in their late twenties.

Chief spokesperson for Mothers Against Mom (MAM) Melissa Carruth said “You’d forgive it if it was just children doing it, but we’ve seen grown men and women just suddenly decide that their Ma was now their Mom”.

Carruth went on the lament the death of more acceptable maternal names, such as Ma, Mam, Mammy and Mum.

“I remember a time when if you even called your Mam ‘Mum’, you’d get slagged out of it altogether,” said Carruth, currently chained to the railings of Leinster House.

“Only protestants had Mums. But little by little we let that slip into the vernacular, and now we’re facing the Mom epidemic. We have to put a stop to it now, before there isn’t a Mammy left in the country”.

Despite the rise in the use of ‘Mom’, figures have remained consistent for uses of Da, Dad and Daddy, when describing one’s father.