Water Meter Campaigner To Protest New Post Code System Any Day Now


DIE-HARD anti-water meter protester Daniel Lyons is to start protesting against the country’s new postal code system any day now, once the last of the water meters has been installed in his area.

The 29-year-old Cavan native is expected to ‘wrap up’ his nine month Irish Water battle next Thursday, after causing thousands of euros worth of delays to installation company, Siteserv.

“I was kind of worried that I’d be left without nothing to protest,” explained Lyons, who was getting his dreadlocks waxed at the time. “then this Eircode thing popped up out of nowhere and I said to myself ‘fuck it, there’s something else I can focus my energy on'”.

After successfully delaying water meter installers, putting them back three months behind schedule, the full-time son-of-two vowed to tackle the new postal system at the source: by barricading the sorting office at his local branch of An Post.

“Someone has to do something about this ridiculous project,” he went on. “They have spent €27 million on this malarkey, and for what: a bunch of random letters and numbers picked out of their holes?

“None of the big courier companies are even gonna use it because it’s so badly put together. Absolute disgrace it is. Post codes out out out!”

Daniel is expected to begin his protest next week, promising to block every postman he can find from delivering envelopes printed with the new postal code system.

“It should keep me going until general election protests,” he concluded.