3 Rolling Stone Covers That Were Worse Than Kim Kardashian


ROLLING Stone magazine has come under fire recently, following a cover which featured reality TV star Kim Kardashian prompting singer Sinead O’Connor to declare that ‘music is dead’.

The Irishwoman went on an expletive-ridden rant about how by featuring Kardashian on the cover, the magazine had lost all credibility. A rash statement, considering some of the celebrities who have been on the cover of Rolling Stone over its near 50 year history…

Idi Amin


Notorious former Ugandan president Idi Amin sat down with Rolling Stone in 1982 to take a stroll through his extensive record collection, highlighting a soft spot for among others, the Boy George-fronted pop group Culture Club.

A Brick From The Wall

Unable to interview any of the members of Pink Floyd during their early 80s “The Wall” tour, Rolling Stone instead settled for an in-depth interview with one of the bricks which revealed several strange insights into one of the most influential groups of all time.


A controversial figure due to his continuing attempts at sucking the Earth through a portal to Dimension X, Rolling Stone nevertheless pressed ahead with a tour of Krang’s Technodrome: a tour which was unfortunately cut short after an unscheduled appearance by those pesky Turtles.