Thoughtful Recycler Leaves Box Full Of Bottles Next To Bottle Bank


RESIDENTS in Callan, county Kilkenny have applauded the efforts of an unknown individual today who left a box full of bottles next to the local bottle bank.

The anonymous recycler somehow managed to transport the variety of glass containers to Super Valu car park, in what experts believe must have been a journey of epic proportions.

“It’s amazing they got this far in the first place,” stated one man, who was putting green bottles in the designated bin. “I can only imagine the hardship they must have gone through to get here. I don’t think anyone can blame them for falling at the last hurdle. It’s a young man’s game, this”.

Along with the cardboard box full of bottles, the absolute legend also managed to leave some dirty plastic carrier bags stuffed between the box and the bottle bank itself.

“They must have been exhausted and just gave up,” insisted another man, who admitted to already searching the area for a body. “There’s no sign of anyone passed out or anything, so please God they managed to make it home alive after leaving here.

“No harm in alerting the Gardai I suppose; just in case they’re lying in a ditch or something.” he added.

It is believed the box may have been too heavy for the person to lift to the bottle bank hole, and that bending down every time to pick up a bottle could have caused them serious problems.

The local county council wanted to thank the good Samaritan for their sterling work, and wished them a speedy recovery going forward.

“We really appreciate everything they did here today,” said Michael Barry, local binman. “These bags and cardboard will be put to good use, so thanks again”.