The Tabloids’ Guide To Responsible Reporting On Trials

CRIMINAL trials of all descriptions are sadly exploited and poured over in lurid details by newspaper editors and principle-less online news publications, but luckily for the public Irish tabloids are always a bastion of restraint and respectful reporting. The temptation to turn someone’s tragedy into titillating conversation pieces for rubbernecking readers must be quite high,… Read more »

New Playground For Kids Just Giant Pillow

COUNCILS across the country will shortly begin ripping out dangerous playground equipment such as slides and swings, and begin replacing them with a revolutionary new ‘big pillow’ play system. The new measure, which is completely edgeless and as soft as a kitten’s arse, is hoped to be enough to tackle the soaring cost of insurance… Read more »

Get To Know The Green Party

IRELAND’S environmentally focused political party and former Fianna Fáil coalition partner are back in the big time with a strong showing in European and local elections. Get to know the Green Party in this easily compostable guide: Former government minister Eamon Ryan is the party’s leader and certainly leads by example. Putting the environment first,… Read more »

Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 8, Episode 7

WOW, WOW, WOW! Well after last week’s disappointment this week’s episode roared into action with critics calling it the greatest episode in television history. We’ll get started with the recap in a minute but first we need to lie down to recover from all those shocking twists and turns! In the opening scene, Drogon lands… Read more »

Cryostasis: How You Can Beat Rising Rents

CAN’T afford the soaring price of rent in Dublin right now? Not fond of the idea of co-living? How about co-existing in cryogenic hibernation? One US company may have found a work-around for cash-strapped city-dwellers, and it’s a pretty cool one! “We got the idea after we heard that several firms were offering to freeze their… Read more »