Ireland V Denmark: A Survival Guide

IT’S been a while since the Republic Of Ireland were ‘180 mins away from a place in the World Cup Finals’™, but the time is upon us once again; this Saturday, the Irish people will be forced to sit through the first excruciating 90 minutes of our latest attempt to qualify for Russia ’18. Although… Read more »

Five Little Babies Run Out Of Shit To Do

THE long-suffering parents of an over-energetic set of quintuplets have finally managed to relaxed for ten minutes, after their genderless kids finally exhausted the amount of things that they could do while singing about it. The mother and father of the Zool family have enjoyed their first day off in years, following a non-stop string… Read more »

5 Best Nicknames For Non-Obese Kids

WITH huge numbers of Irish children now in danger of obesity, WWN takes a look at how playground insults may be about to do a full 180 degree turn, switching from skinny kids taking the piss of overweight children, to the big kids, now the majority government of the yard, taking the non-obese little ‘uns… Read more »