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‘Priority’ Passengers Still Queuing Like A Pack Of Dopes

A NEW report into ‘priority’ passengers using budget airlines has found the large majority of them are still queuing like a pack of dopes, despite paying extra for their journeys. With priority queues now almost double that of non-priority queues, the report found priority passengers are most likely to stand and wait for long periods if they… Read more »

Ryanair Launch Sedation Kits For Child Passengers ​

BUDGET airline Ryanair is finally launching a range of sedation kits to subdue younger passengers during flights in a bid to eradicate unwanted screaming, horseplay and general disruption during flights. Welcomed by just about everybody who travels with the airline, the fast-acting kits will come at a cost of €100 euro for two hour doses and €149:99 for… Read more »

“It’s Not The Pay, I Just Want To Ruin Everyone’s Christmas” Ryanair Pilot Speaks Out

FOLLOWING news that Ryanair pilots are to strike five days before Christmas starting on the 20th of December, we speak to Captain Cathal Murray, a longtime pilot for the troubled airline. “Every time there’s a strike or string of flight delays, I like to sit here and watch people’s faces as their little hearts break,” 49-year-old Cathal… Read more »