Getting A Ryanair Refund, A Guide


ACCORDING to a survey carried out by consumer group Which? Ryanair has received a refund rating of just 47% making it the worst short-haul airline for giving customers back their money. Considering this, WWN has put together this handy refund guide in getting your money back from the budget Dublin-based airline.

Kidnap The Ryanair CEO

Kidnapping Michael O’Leary and demanding your refund as ransom may seem like a very extreme road to take, but when you factor in all the stress that goes with waiting countless hours to speak to a customer service representative, filling out forms, arguing with supervisors and jumping through the many hoops Ryanair throw at you, you may reconsider. Despite his Teflon exterior, Michael is just a normal, everyday multimillionaire and will bow down to threats of violence just like the next person but be advised as he has a golden tongue and charm any hostage taker into submission. We would suggest keeping Michael gagged throughout the ordeal to avoid being swooned by promises of no-frills ransom.

Amass A Huge Social Media Following Online And Publicly Call Out Ryanair

Ryanair’s social media accounts are famous for their hilarious retorts and cheeky postings and regularly use their huge followership to instil fear in lowly customers demanding justice, so why not turn it around by amassing a huge followership of your own. Sure, it will take you several years to achieve such a status, but it’s still less time than waiting for Ryanair to finally pony up. Bombard them with screenshots of your endless back and forth emails, pictures of your bald spots from pulling your hair out and screenshots of the 70-minute call waiting times. This should at least get a like from the Ryanair Twitter account, who are pure gas, so they are.

Make A Formal Written Complaint To Your Local Commission For Aviation Regulation

Probably the easiest and most effective option on our guide is the good old-fashioned letter of complaint. Now, it won’t make your money come any faster, but if enough people officially complain then Ryanair’s current refund rating of 47% will seem more like a target for them next year.