HSE CEO Paul Reid Crushed To Death By Pay Packet


CONDOLENSES have flooded in from around the country after the untimely death of HSE CEO Paul Reid who was crushed in a workplace accident earlier today, WWN has learned.

It is understood Mr Reid was collecting his annual pay packet today but underestimated exactly how much money was in it before struggling to take home his salary.

“Unfortunately, Paul must have forgotten the extra pension allowance of €48,977 for 2020 in his pay packet today and it was all too much for him to carry,” a HSE source confirmed today. “The little legs on him gave way and that was it, splat!”

Despite making €238k more than the HSE’s second best paid non-medical staff member, and €197k more than the Taoiseach, Reid was unaware of the sheer weight of his €411,777 take home pay packet and buckled under the pressure.

“It’s mad that he didn’t buckle under the pressure of all the scandals the last few years,” another source stated, “we really thought the Kerry CAMHs thing would have been the final nail in his coffin, but it was the massive paycheck that got him in the end. May he rest in peace”.

Reid leaves behind a whole catalogue of scandals, mismanagement and a not-fit-for-purpose national health system that continually fails its citizens and staff who continue to pay €21 billion euros per year for it.