Ryanair Aim To Cut Average Distance From Boarding Gate To Plane To Just 20 Miles


AS PART of yet another bid to give its brand a positive image boost Irish airline Ryanair has announced it intention to cut the distances its passengers have to travel between their flight’s boarding gate and the actual plane.

With Ryanair flights it is often the case that passengers are required to walk some distances across airport tarmac, while also being ferried to and from the plane via buses. However, Ryanair has surprised its customer by suggesting it will cut this distance down to just 20 miles, making experiences like queuing up at a gate and being held like cattle on a packed stairs down to a runway for an hour which is a significant distance away from the plane a thing of the past.

“Yet again, improving passengers’ experiences with Ryanair, we will reduce the distance passengers have to walk to just a fraction shorter than the distance of a marathon,” explained an airline spokesperson.

The news will be welcomed by passengers after it was revealed the majority of Irish adults get 100% of their exercise from walking extensive distances to Ryanair departure gates in airport and the accompanying trek out to an aircraft miles away from the terminal building.

Not all customers are happy with the change however, as many enjoyed having to wait out in the open in the rain and wind for the guts of an hour.

“That’s not fair, I used that panic run to the departure gate and then across the runway not entirely sure where the fuck I’m going as the core part of my cardio workout, now I’ll have to join a gym or something,” one Ryanair customer and airport 100 metre race runner champion shared with WWN.