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Angelus Bongs Sounding A Little More Nervous Today

TV VIEWERS have expressed concern for Ireland’s favourite binge worthy TV show The Angelus, after many reported that the iconic bongs sounded a little ‘off’ in recent days, ever since the details of the Mother and Baby Homes report was first leaked to the media. “Can you hear sweat? Is that possible?” confirmed RTÉ’s chief… Read more »

Things To Get Offended About

SOMEONE WITHIN government or the civil service leaking details of the Mother & Baby Homes report to newspapers. The Sunday Independent publishing it. Meaning this is how survivors first learned details from the report including that 9,000 children died in mother and baby homes. The human trafficking of children by the church. For profit. The… Read more »

Everyone Ignoring Priest’s Zoom Invite For Midnight Mass

THERE WERE awkward scenes in a local Waterford parish as families attempted to ignore repeated Zoom invites to midnight mass from parish priest Fr Eamon Amen. Expecting the current circumstances to exempt them from being guilted into attending midnight mass, locals have found themselves pursued by Fr Amen’s emails, texts and follow up emails in… Read more »

Donal Skehan’s Homemade Communion Wafer Recipe

A KINDLY gesture from the crown prince of Irish cooking sees Donal Skehan drum up a recipe that’ll prove a literal Godsend to worshippers around the country. With mass a no-go under Level 5 for the next few weeks and services moving online all except for weddings and funerals, parishioners can avail of Skehan’s handy… Read more »