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“You Had Me At Muslims”

LOCAL Patriot Dennis O’Mahon didn’t need to read past the ‘Muslim’ bit of the headline ‘Major Muslim Festival To Be Held In Croke Park’ to know that he’s deeply offended by such a notion, and that he will attend any protest rally against the proposed event held within two miles of his home that doesn’t… Read more »

The Untold History Of The Angelus

PIPPING Coronation Street to the title of ‘Longest Running TV Show In The World’ by a full six months, The Angelus celebrates its 60th birthday this June; but just how much do you know about Ireland’s favourite bell-based piece of micro-content? “When RTÉ was launched, they knew they needed a flagship show that people were… Read more »

Sisters Of Charity Acting Like We Should Be Grateful

DESPITE overseeing for-profit illegal adoptions which ripped children away from their mothers who they placed in indentured servitude, religious order Sisters of Charity was surprised by the absence of a ticker tape parade in their honour after they announced the transfer of lands at St. Vincent’s Hospital to the Irish state. “You’re probably all just… Read more »

First Communion Kids Apply For Covid Payment

THE GOVERNMENT is today answering questions from a union of First Communion-aged boys and girls from across the country who are applying for a bailout programme to offset financial losses incurred by the cancellation of their Holy Communion ceremonies thanks to Covid-19. Thousands of under-10s were scheduled to make their First Holy Communion and rake… Read more »

Netflix Greenlights ‘The Two Popes 2: Pope Harder’

WITH hundreds of viewers and two Academy Awards nominations in the bag, it seems people can’t get enough of Netflix’s “The Two Popes” and well, they’re in luck, because the streaming service has just OK’d a sequel provisionally titled ‘The Two Popes: Pope Harder’. Detailing the story of the transition of Popeness from Pope Benedict… Read more »