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Sisters Of Charity Acting Like We Should Be Grateful

DESPITE overseeing for-profit illegal adoptions which ripped children away from their mothers who they placed in indentured servitude, religious order Sisters of Charity was surprised by the absence of a ticker tape parade in their honour after they announced the transfer of lands at St. Vincent’s Hospital to the Irish state. “You’re probably all just… Read more »

First Communion Kids Apply For Covid Payment

THE GOVERNMENT is today answering questions from a union of First Communion-aged boys and girls from across the country who are applying for a bailout programme to offset financial losses incurred by the cancellation of their Holy Communion ceremonies thanks to Covid-19. Thousands of under-10s were scheduled to make their First Holy Communion and rake… Read more »

Netflix Greenlights ‘The Two Popes 2: Pope Harder’

WITH hundreds of viewers and two Academy Awards nominations in the bag, it seems people can’t get enough of Netflix’s “The Two Popes” and well, they’re in luck, because the streaming service has just OK’d a sequel provisionally titled ‘The Two Popes: Pope Harder’. Detailing the story of the transition of Popeness from Pope Benedict… Read more »

How Exclusion Zones Around Hospitals Would Work

WITH PERSISTENT talk of proposed exclusion zones being implemented in an effort to reduce the abuse endured by women attending hospitals that provide abortion services, WWN looks at how such zones would work. While there are a number of proposals being considered, the department of health has whittled down the number of options available to… Read more »

Protesters With Baby Coffins Planning ‘Fuck All’ For Tuam Grave Site

AN ANTI-ABORTION group who held a demonstration outside the National Maternity Hospital have confirmed they are planning ‘fuck all’ protests for Mother and Baby homes sites across the country. The Our Lady of Lourdes Protectors group, who staged a demonstration with three white child-size coffins, defended their decision to protest while pregnant women of all ages and medical… Read more »

Loyalists Make Switch To Carbon Free Bonfires

LOYALISTS in Northern Ireland have pledged to make this year’s Orange Order celebrations a little more green, with the introduction of carbon-saving measures over the entire 12th of July festivities. “Each bonfire we burn every year contains about 10,000 pallets, contributing tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere,” explained lodge leader Sammy Sammison, spearheading this year’s… Read more »